Paintball Clothing

by Eddie Notley

What clothing should you use for Paintball?


Paintball is a very active outdoor sport, you will typically spend the day running around, diving behind things for cover and dodging paintballs.

Paintball clothing should not only look good, but also offer some protection and warmth that you require.

Adding layers can be advisable both for regulating your temperature and adding padded protection from the paintball ammo, as they can hurt! However you don't want to restrict your movement to much.

You can get away with wearing just DPM coveralls or a camo t-shirt for paintball clothing, but its better to look the part with some tactical military clothing & webbing, like the Viper Special Ops Shirt, these are great when combining with a Molle system or other tactical vest.

Additional protective body armour can also be worn if required.

Paintball clothing will get splattered with paint, you will also spend some time crawling and climbing so expect to get muddy.

A good pair of tactical knee pads and elbow pads will help protect you in wet slipperier conditions.

Paint will generally wash out of your paintball clothing, but don’t wash with the whites!

If very wet and muddy conditions, you may require some spare paintball clothing. Its always a good idea to bring some bin bags to dump all those wet paintball clothes into at the end of the day.

Head protection is very important, Paintball masks should always be worn when in combat action. Make sure the mask is in perfect condition, and is worn properly to allow full protection, and visibility.

Footwear is also very important. A good pair of combat tactical boots will give you the perfect grip in all conditions, especially during the winter months. Trainers should be avoided as they will not offer support around your ankle leading to potential accidents.

Don’t forget to wear a good pair of socks.

Gloves such as the padded Viper tactical gloves offer both warmth and added protection from a direct shot.

Hats or baseball caps (put on backwards), so your goggles fit! These hats will also offer a bit of protection at the same time.