What is Airsoft Clothing

by Eddie Notley

What is Airsoft Clothing and what should you wear?


Airsoft Clothing 

Most army clothing is suitable as Airsoft clothing.


Airsoft is an outdoor action simulation sport much like paintball. However the firearms are much more realistic, firing rounds of small plastic pellets or Bbs up to a maximum effective range of 200ft.

Part of the excitement of Airsoft is the ability to act out realistic battles wearing Airsoft clothing, which is  the same type of camouflage clothing as the military use.

Always wear proper outdoor Airsoft clothing, your clothing should cover your legs and arms and not be to bright.

Viper Knee and elbow pads are a good addition to your Airsoft clothing as you will spend plenty of time crawling around and taking knocks.

Try to select your Airsoft clothing so that it helps you blend into the surrounding area. This is achievable by selecting Airsoft clothing with army camouflage patterns, such as the British army DPM (disruptive pattern material) or the new Multicam design, both will help in breaking up your outline and help you blend in to the background.

If you are taking part in night time Airsoft, you may prefer more covert black Airsoft clothing outfit, complemented with black webbing, balaclava and gloves, making you very hard to see.

If using a molle, such as the Viper modular system, it would be worth investing in a tactical lightweight breathable UBACS shirt. The Viper Special Ops Shirt is the perfect Airsoft clothing under body armour combat shirt (UBACS), lots of padding in the arms, shoulders and elbows which can be removed, its also very high wicking and has detachable sleeves. Can be used with any assault vest and comes in a choice of colours to match your webbing.

Always wear eye protection when in combat, such as paintball masks or safety glasses or goggles. These should meet ANSI Z87.1 safety rating or above and should be in very good condition.

A good pair of tactical army boots will be ideal for any rough terrain, along with warm socks to keep your feet warm and dry.