What is Airsoft Clothing

by Eddie Notley

What is Airsoft Clothing and what should you wear?


Airsoft Clothing 

Most army clothing is suitable as Airsoft clothing.


Airsoft is an outdoor action simulation sport much like paintball. However the firearms are much more realistic, firing rounds of small plastic pellets or Bbs up to a maximum effective range of 200ft.

Part of the excitement of Airsoft is the ability to act out realistic battles wearing Airsoft clothing, which is  the same type of camouflage clothing as the military use.

Always wear proper outdoor Airsoft clothing, your clothing should cover your legs and arms and not be to bright.

Viper Knee and elbow pads are a good addition to your Airsoft clothing as you will spend plenty of time crawling around and taking knocks.

Try to select your Airsoft clothing so that it helps you blend into the surrounding area. This is achievable by selecting Airsoft clothing with army camouflage patterns, such as the British army DPM (disruptive pattern material) or the new Multicam design, both will help in breaking up your outline and help you blend in to the background.

If you are taking part in night time Airsoft, you may prefer more covert black Airsoft clothing outfit, complemented with black webbing, balaclava and gloves, making you very hard to see.

If using a molle, such as the Viper modular system, it would be worth investing in a tactical lightweight breathable UBACS shirt. The Viper Special Ops Shirt is the perfect Airsoft clothing under body armour combat shirt (UBACS), lots of padding in the arms, shoulders and elbows which can be removed, its also very high wicking and has detachable sleeves. Can be used with any assault vest and comes in a choice of colours to match your webbing.

Always wear eye protection when in combat, such as paintball masks or safety glasses or goggles. These should meet ANSI Z87.1 safety rating or above and should be in very good condition.

A good pair of tactical army boots will be ideal for any rough terrain, along with warm socks to keep your feet warm and dry.

Paintball Clothing

by Eddie Notley

What clothing should you use for Paintball?


Paintball is a very active outdoor sport, you will typically spend the day running around, diving behind things for cover and dodging paintballs.

Paintball clothing should not only look good, but also offer some protection and warmth that you require.

Adding layers can be advisable both for regulating your temperature and adding padded protection from the paintball ammo, as they can hurt! However you don't want to restrict your movement to much.

You can get away with wearing just DPM coveralls or a camo t-shirt for paintball clothing, but its better to look the part with some tactical military clothing & webbing, like the Viper Special Ops Shirt, these are great when combining with a Molle system or other tactical vest.

Additional protective body armour can also be worn if required.

Paintball clothing will get splattered with paint, you will also spend some time crawling and climbing so expect to get muddy.

A good pair of tactical knee pads and elbow pads will help protect you in wet slipperier conditions.

Paint will generally wash out of your paintball clothing, but don’t wash with the whites!

If very wet and muddy conditions, you may require some spare paintball clothing. Its always a good idea to bring some bin bags to dump all those wet paintball clothes into at the end of the day.

Head protection is very important, Paintball masks should always be worn when in combat action. Make sure the mask is in perfect condition, and is worn properly to allow full protection, and visibility.

Footwear is also very important. A good pair of combat tactical boots will give you the perfect grip in all conditions, especially during the winter months. Trainers should be avoided as they will not offer support around your ankle leading to potential accidents.

Don’t forget to wear a good pair of socks.

Gloves such as the padded Viper tactical gloves offer both warmth and added protection from a direct shot.

Hats or baseball caps (put on backwards), so your goggles fit! These hats will also offer a bit of protection at the same time.

Doorman Security Clothing

by Eddie Notley

Security Doorman Clothing


Security Doorman Clothing


Having the correct clothing when working as a Security Doorman is very important. Not only can the correct type of clothing protect you in certain situations, the correct doorman clothing will also help you to stand out from the crowd, helping the general public to quickly identify your Security roll .

A pair of slash resistant padded gloves are always a sensible option and good addition to your Security doorman clothing. These can help stop sharp items like hypodermic needles as well as broken glass.

If wearing a shirt and tie, make sure you purchase the clip-on type of tie, as these will pull straight off if tugged on .

Security t-shirts or polo shirts are a better option for Security Doorman clothing, these look very smart, are comfortable to wear and can have the word “Security“ across the back, this will stand out for high visibility, especially if you use black security polo shirts with white text. The added addition of a black Security baseball cap or Security bob hat will add to the high visibility and quick identity of your roll.

A warm water resistant Security Jacket is advisable for winter, especially for doorman Security clothing. Like the polo shirts the wording “Security” across the back adds to the uniform look. The addition of a Security jumper complete with Security epaulettes is another alternative.

Don't forget your feet, when standing for long periods on cold floors, you will need a good pair of thick boot socks, army style tactical boots are also a very good option. Adding a good quality four layer insoles will also help for both warmth and comfort.

Security doormen clothing is most suitable for;

  • Doormen, Bouncers at Nightclubs and Pubs 
  • Security guards / Security guarding
  • Security personnel
  • Gate security men
  • Factory security guards 
  • Security night watchmen
  • Events / Venue security men
  • Construction site security men

MOLLE Systems

by Eddie Notley

What is a Modular MOLLE System?


Viper Molle


Modular MOLLE System - (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) This system was developed for the U.S. Army.


The MOLLE generically describes all load bearing systems that utilize the woven PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing for modular pouch attachment.


The MOLLE System replaced the ALICE pack ( All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment)


The MOLLE has been widely accepted by other armies around the world, as it is much more durable, comfortable and has the added advantage of being fully adjustable for different torso lengths and sizes, eliminating the need for many different sizes to be made.

The main MOLLE base carriers have a combination of horizontal and vertical webbing. Various pouches can then be hung from this webbing, obtaining and adapting the configuration for the perfect set-up for any mission.

Incorporating quick-release buckles on the main base platforms and many of the pouches, making the MOLLE system very versatile.

With careful placement of pouches on your MOLLE system, the correct weight distribution can be achieved, making prolonged use much more comfortable.


The tailored set-up of your MOLLE can be specifically adapted for each operation, by simply either adding or changing from the vast range of mag and utility pouches, making the MOLLE system one of the most versatile webbing set-ups on the market today.